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Use Cases

EasyView - Reports YOU do!

This page provides links to EasyView configuration examples. There are numberless use cases to be covered with EasyView: ask, if you miss the one you need. 

Note: Some use cases refers to ORX, the organization charting tool. Visit ORX product page to learn more about this app. 


Enduser Reports


 People (Datasource: User)


 Contacts (Datasource: Connection)

  • (F5b) My contacts
    Shows a user's personal connections. Replaces Liferay's "My Contacts" portlet.
  • (F5) Other's contacts
    This report displays a specific user's contacts. It uses two instances of EasyView, one for selection - and the other one for displaying results.




 Communities (Datasource:Sites)

Administrator's Reports

Under Construction

Use Cases are under construction, however, I set these pages already public - a few more examples will follow!

Language Selector

Data Sources


Names, Title, Profile Page, Address Data, Phone, Skype, Twitter, Tags, Comments, Image, Gender, Birthday, Roles, Custom Fields and more


Names, Address Data, Phone, Skype, Twitter, Image, Profile Page and more


Name, Image, Address, Profile Page, Category, Custom Fields and more


Name, Image, Page-Link, Tags, Type of Site