Project Members


A project has been set-up as a site with site-members.

There's a public and a private face of that site. Therefore, site-structure (pages) is separated:

  • Access for all to the public pages
  • Access to private pages only for site members

In this example, we run a project, called "Innovation". It consists of members allocated across company's departments and includes external resources (coaches).



  • Embed EasyView on a Site to display Site-Members (automatic query)
  • Tags
  • Custom Field "Is External"
  • Direct Communication (Mail, Skype, Phone)



As project manager (or project member), I need a contact list including all members of that specific project.

This list needs to provide direct communication, skill oriented information and differs external resources including their location.

Als Projektmanager (bzw. Mitarbeiter) will ich die im Projekt involvierten Mitarbeiter anzeigen. Die Anzeige wird als Mitglieder- bzw. Kontakt-Liste verwendet. Es ist wichtig, dass die Projektmitarbeiter über direkten Zugang zu ihren Partnern verfügen und wer diese sind (Skills).  Ausserdem wird differenziert die Leute wissen wo sie die Kontaktpartner finden. 

Click on the link below to open project site:



  • Private and public configuration of such a project members list
  • Direct communication: fosters engagement
  • Information about skills: who is who
  • Locations of external resources: makes it easier to plan meetings


How to configure


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