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Hello World


  • Software Development for Liferay Portals (Digital Experience Platform/Community Edition)

Who am I

  • Developer: born 1968, over 30 years experience with software development. 
  • Location: Switzerland/Valais
  • Freelancer since 2006
  • Idea of the century? Hire me!
  • Experience: 15 years Finance Industry (Asset- and Portfolio-Management Software,  Tools for Investment Advisory). Furthermore: Tourism, Press and Media.
  • My customer projects listed on page references. Since 2012, I additionally work for Enterprise Know How AG, a software provider for Liferay portals.


  • Major: Liferay Fullstack, Versions 6.2 to 7.1 CE/EE(DXP)
  • Minor: iOS/Android, Mac OS Apps, Webapps/Widgets



ORX: Organization Charts


ORX, the cool Organization Chart for profile page navigation. Standalone, or linked with EasyView.

The app displays the entire organization structure. It highlights the current department, if placed on an organization page - or by configuration-preset on any page.

Open organization pages by a simple click, update EasyView members list or display department information: Click, doubleclick and mouseover events free to configure from actions list.

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Contact me

EasyView: Reports

Easy creation of interactive screen reports from Liferay data catalogs. Stupid easy. Ask for demo access. Stay in contact to get more information.

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Use Cases

Ask for demo recording (MP4)

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